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Abuse in Teen Fiction

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Abuse in Teen Fiction



Call Me Hope by Gretchen Olson


Like a Thorn by Cara Vidal

  • Pub Date: 2008 
  • Middle and high school interest 
  • Translated from the French 
  • See also: Mother-Daughter Relationship 
  • Melie's mother treats her like a thorn in her side--abuse no one can see is the hardest to prove.


North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley

  • Pub Date: 2009 
  • Middle and high school interest 
  • See also: Art, Beauty & Self Image 
  • Terra deals with her verbally abusive father. 


Stick by Andrew Smith

  • Pub Date: 2011
  • High school interest 
  • See also: Divorce 
  • When Stark's abusive parents split up, Stark decides he can't stay with either of them and runs away.  


How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr


Madness so Discreet by Mindy McGinnis 

  • Pub Date: 2015
  • High school Interest
  • See also: Historical Fiction 
  • Grace is locked away in an asylum when she falls pregnant (by her father), but she finds a talent for crime solving gives her a chance to escape.


Black Wings Beating by Alex London

  • Pub Date: 2018
  • High school interest
  • See also: Siblings 
  • Brysen was abused by his late father. He still bears the scars, literally and figuratively.




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