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Taking a Walk

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Taking a Walk in Picture Books


Ask Me by Barnard Waber

  • Pub Date: 2015
  • See also: Fathers, Questions 
  • A father and daughter walk and talk. 


Ideas are all Around by Philip Stead


The Littlest Family's Big Day by Emily Winfield Martin

  • Pub Date: 2016
  • See also: Moving 
  • A bear family explores their new home and meet some friends along the way. 


City Shapes by Diana Murray

  • Pub Date: 2016
  • See also: City LifePOC on the Cover
  • A girl takes a walk through her city looking for shapes in what she sees. 


Something To Do by David Lucas

  • Pub Date: 2008
  • See also: Imagination
  • A bored little bear uses his imagination to keep himself entertained. 


Sidewalk Flowers by JonArno Lawson

  • Pub Date: 2015
  • A little girl collects flowers while on a walk with her father. 


Tweak Tweak by Eve Bunting


Didi and Daddy on the Promenade by Marilyn Singer

  • Pub Date: 2001
  • See also: Fathers
  • A dad and daughter take a walk and meet friends to play in the park. 


A Good Night Walk by Elisha Cooper

  • Pub Date: 2005
  • Down the block and back again as it gets dark.


The Green Line by Polly Farquharson

  • Pub Date: 2009
  • See also: Imported Titles 
  • Follow the photographs of a child walking through a field. 


Grandma is a Slowpoke by Janet Halfmann

  • Pub Date: 2015
  • See also: NatureGrandparents
  • A girl and her grandma slow down to notice all the animals in the forest on their walk. 


Say it! by Charlotte Zolotow

  • Pub Date: 2015 reissue illustrated by Charlotte Voake
  • See also: Nature 
  • A girl and her mom take a walk on a fall day. 


Nana in the City by Lauren Castillo


Windows by Julia Denos

  • Pub Date: 2017
  • A child takes a walk through the neighborhood at dusk. 


City Moon by Rachael Cole

  • Pub Date: 2017
  • See also: Questions, Cities
  • Mother and child take a walk to find the moon. 


My City by Joanne Liu

  • Pub Date: 2019
  • A little boy explores his city on the way to put a letter in the mailbox. 



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