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Questions in Picture Books


****Picture books that pose questions, which child and caregiver might discuss.


Questions Asked by Jostein Gaardner


Once Upon a Memory by Nina Laden

  • Pub Date: 2013
  • I reviewed it: here 
  • A poetic reflection on life's changes full of questions.


Why are you Doing That? by Elisa Amado

  • Pub Date: 2014
  • See also: International Settings
  • A curious little boy asks questions of the people in his community to learn where his food comes from. 


Ask Me by Bernard Waber

  • Pub Date: 2015
  • See also: Taking a Walk, Fathers 
  • A father and daughter take a walk and ask each other questions. 


Why am I Here? by Constance ├śrbeck-Nilssen


Jacob's Eye Patch by Beth Kobliner

  • Pub Date: 2013
  •  A boy who wears an eye patch gets a lot of questions from people about it.


Questions, Questions by Marcus Pfister

  • Pub Date: 2011
  • Translated from the German
  • See also: Imported/Translated, Nature
  • Rhyming couplets pose questions about the natural world. 


Today by Julie Morstad

  • Pub Date: 2016
  • Questions throughout the day. 


Tweak Tweak by Eve Bunting


The Bus for Us by Suzanne Bloom

  • Pub Date: 2001
  • A girl and her friend wait for the school bus, and she incessantly asks "Is this the bus for us?"


Why Do Cats Have Tails? by David Ling

  • Pub Date: 2016
  •  See also: Animal Attributes
  • A little asks her grandpa why cats have tails and he gives her all sorts of silly answers that apply to other animals. 


City Moon by Rachael Cole

  • Pub Date: 2017
  • See also: Taking a WalkCities
  • Mother and child take a walk to find the moon. The little boy asks all sorts of questions.


Over the Ocean by Taro Gomi

  • Pub Date: 2016
  • A child stands on a beach and asks questions about what might be on the other side of the ocean. 


Larry & Lola: What Will We Choose? by Elly van der Linden


Who ate all the Cookie Dough? by Karen Beaumont

  • Pub Date: 2008
  • A kangaroo searches for the animal who ate the cookie dough. Can you guess who it was? 


A Splendid Friend, Indeed by Suzanne Bloom

  • Pub Date: 2005
  • A goose asks his friend bear a series of questions. 


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