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Medication & Therapy in  Teen  Fiction


Total Constant Order by Crissa-Jean Chappell

  • Fin is prescribed Paxil and is diagnosed with OCD and clinical depression.


This is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis

  • Logan witnessed a traumatic events and his parents put him into therapy to help him cope.


It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

  • Craig folds under the pressure of his exclusive private school and checks himself into a hospital psych ward.


Right Behind You by Gail Giles

  • After committing a shocking crime as a child, Kip is institutionalized for several years and continues his therapy after his release.


The Nature of Jade by Deb Calletti

  • Jade sees a therapist to help with her anxiety.


Black Box by Julie Schumacher

  • Elena's older sister is hospitalized for depression, and the whole family gets therapy to help them deal.


The Day I Killed James

  • After James' suicide, Theresa asks for help because she feels responsible.


Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to you by Peter Cameron


Without Tess by Marcella Pixley

  • Pub Date: 2011
  • Middle and high school interest
  • See also: Writers 
  • Lizzie is in therapy after her mentally ill sister's suicide as a child.


The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli

  • Pub Date: 2016
  • High School interest 
  • See also: Marriage 
  • Molly takes anxiety medication in this cute romantic comedy.


Exit Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnston

  • Pub Date: 2016
  • High school interest 
  • After a sexual assault, Hermione sees a therapist to help her cope.


 Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner

  • Pub Date: 2017
  • High school Interest
  • See also: Guilt
  • A teen has panic attacks after the death of his friends and sees a therapist/takes medication to manage the attacks. 


Lily and Dunkin by Donna Gephart

  • Pub Date: 2016
  • Middle school interest
  • Norbert stops taking the medication for his bipolar disorder and falls in with the crowd that is bullying Lily (who was born Timothy).


When We Collided by Emery Lord

  • Pub Date: 2016
  • High School Interest
  • See also: Multiple Narrators 
  • Vivi struggles with taking her medication for bipolar disorder.


Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert

  • Pub Date: 2017
  • High school Interest
  • See also: Past & PresentStepparents
  •  Suzette's blended family is stressed when her brother goes off his medication.


Turtles All the Way Down by John Green


The Taxonomy of Love by Rachael Allen

  • Pub Date: 2018
  • High school interest
  • See also: Disabilities
  • Spencer takes meds for his Tourette's. 


Darius the Great is not Okay by Adib Khorram

  • Pub date: 2018
  • High school interest
  • Darius and his dad both takes meds for depression. 


Swan Dive by Brenda Hasiuk

  • Pub Date: 2019
  • 1990s Canada
  • High School Interest
  • See also: OutcastsJournals, Historical Fiction
  • Cris writes in his therapist-recommended journal about his life after leaving Sarajevo. 


The Opposite of Falling Apart by Micah Goode




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