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 Fathers in Picture Books



Father’s Day by Anne Rockwell


My Daddy is a Giant by Carl Norac

  • Pub Date: 2005


Papa Pride by Kathy Mallat

  • Pub Date: 2005
  • Wolf pups share what they love about their dad.


Every Friday by Dan Yaccarino

  • Pub Date: 2007
  • A boy and his dad have a Friday tradition.


Dad's First Day by Mike Wohnoutka

  • Pub Date: 2015


Little Loon and Papa by Toni Buzzeo

  • Pub Date: 2004
  • A father loon teaches Little Loon how to dive.


Tad and Dad by David Ezra Stein

  • Pub Date: 2015
  • See also: Bedtime 
  • Bedtime issues with a tadpole and his dad. 


Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein

  • Pub Date: 2010


Ask Me by Barnard Waber


Didi and Daddy on the Promenade by Marilyn Singer

  • Pub Date: 2001
  • See also: Taking a Walk
  • A dad and daughter take a walk and meet friends to play in the park. 


Pizza Day by Melissa Iwai

  • Pub Date: 2017
  • See also: Cooking
  • Also listed: Get Cooking with Kids 
  • A father and son spend a day making pizza together from garden fresh ingredients.


Days with Dad by Nari Hong

  • Pub Date: 2017
  • A girl and her father who is a wheelchair-user share special moments. 


Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwell

  • Pub Date: 2017
  • See also: POC on the Cover 
  • A little boy at the pool with his dad decides to jump off the diving board. 


Off and Away by Cale Atkinson

  • Pub Date: 2018
  • When her dad gets sick, Jo sets sail to do his job even though she is scared. 


Dad by My Side by Soosh

  • Pub Date: 2018
  • A celebration of father-daughter togetherness. 


Luna Loves Library Day by Joseph Coelho

  • Pub Date: 2017
  • A girl and her dad spend time at the library together. 



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