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Winter & Snow in Picture Books


Winter is the Warmest Season by Lauren Stringer

  • Pub Date: 2006 
  • Minnesota author tells all the reasons why winter is toasty warm.


First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming


Soup Day by Melissa Iwai

  • Pub Date: 2010
  • A mother and child make soup on a snowy day. Includes recipe. 


Cold Snap by Eileen Spinelli

  • Pub Date: 2012
  • A community comes together during a particular cold stretch of winter. 


Snow by Cynthia Rylant

  • Pub Date: 2008 
  • Celebrates snow.


A Perfect Day by Carin Berger

  • Pub Date: 2012
  • One day of snowy fun. 


Snow Sounds by David Johnson


Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter by Kenard Pak

  • Pub Date: 2017
  • A late fall day turns to winter with an overnight snow. 


Waiting for Winter by Marsha Diane Arnold

  • Pub Date: 2016
  • Friends are impatient for snow, but they just have to wait. 


One-Dog Sleigh by Mary Cassanova

  • Pub Date: 2013
  • See also: Onomatopoeia
  • A girl and her dog go for a ride in their sleigh and get more passengers than they bargained for.  


Mimi and Bear in the Snow by Janee Trasler 


Chirri and Chirra: The Snowy Day

  • Pub Date: 2017
  • See also: Imported/Translated
  • Two little girls have a magical adventure on the first snowy day of the year. 


Bear and Chicken by Jannie Ho

  • Pub Date: 2017
  • See also: Misunderstandings, Cooking 
  • A bear finds a chicken frozen solid outside on a cold winter day and tries to help.



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